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MATÉ VS MATCHA: Well-being drinks

Oct 13, 2020

There are several points of comparison on which you can favor mate over matcha or vice versa. To be clear, matcha tea and mate are two beneficial plants for our health , our body, and our mind.

Also we will compare the key differences, especially on the amino acids and other components that these two infusions have to offer us.

But then what are the differences between mate and matcha? What does mate and matcha taste like? What are the benefits of mate?


  1. The origins of beneficial herbal teas for body and mind
  2. The strengths of mate
  3. The highlights of matcha
  4. The difference: the taste of mate and matcha

The origins of beneficial herbal teas for body and mind

The origins of matcha date back to medieval Chinese times. For convenience, the tea was packaged in dry brick form . When this brick was broken in order to dose the infusion, the powder that fell into the bowl was mixed with hot water using a bamboo utensil in order to completely dissolve this powder. With time and the growing affluence of Buddhism, the infusion gradually spread and became sacred.

Matcha comes from the tea tree family (Camellia sinensis), green tea leaves are pulverized into a very fine powder . The preparation is quite simple, just add a little hot water to the matcha powder and vigorously mix the preparation with a bamboo brush, forming an "M".

matcha bitterness

The preparation of matcha

The mate tree comes from the holly family (Illex Paraguariensis). It has been consumed for thousands of years as a divine and energizing infusion by the Guarani people. We invite you, as for any type of tea, to favor an organic matcha or an organic mate .

Indeed , organic yerba mate protects you from the many chemicals present in the leaves of common crops. You can buy this mate directly from our online store.

The drink was popularized by the Spaniards, keeping the traditional method of preparation, tasted with a calabash (mate gourd) and a bombilla (mate straw). Through these geographical differences, the two plants are similar in their unique method of preparation, their presence of caffeine, antioxidants, and their physical and cerebral energizing effect .

Despite these similarities, the two infusions still have many differences in both the virtues and the flavor of matcha tea and mate tea.

The strengths of mate

taste of mate

The preparation of mate

Yerba mate is a wonderful plant. It contains theobromine as well as theophylline. These two combined amino acids have the particularity of bringing a feeling of calm and joy unlike caffeine which will rather cause a feeling of nervousness and aggressiveness.

Compared to matcha, one of the benefits of mate is its superior energy capacity . Mate leaves are very low in calories, provide a feeling of satiety and help digestion. Also, we highly recommend mate for those who wish to avoid snacking between meals !

The highlights of matcha

Matcha is also quite complete in terms of health! Many minerals and vitamins are present such as potassium, zinc and vitamin C. Antioxidants will also help fight against bad cholesterol, and strengthen heart health. The theine present in green tea leaves will have a calming and cerebral energy effect.

You won't experience the bad side of caffeine like the jitters or jitters that espresso can cause. A common point with yerba mate is their potential for prevention against certain forms of cancer.

Matcha also helps with weight loss , of course, accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, as well as regular sports practice. One of the benefits of matcha is its powdery form. Indeed, matcha can be eaten in cakes, used to make facial treatments, etc.

The difference: the taste of mate and matcha

difference between mate and matcha

The differences between mate and matcha

Matcha green tea and mate are quite well known for their signature flavors. This can scare away novices if they are consuming a cup of matcha or a gourd of mate for the first time.

The taste of mate is characterized by a strong bitterness and the taste of matcha by a very vegetable flavor. Namely that there are several qualities of matcha and mate, a higher quality will influence the final flavor softer and more complex which will be more easily suitable for many.

Our last piece of advice: to try it is to adopt it!

Matcha or maté , you will be delighted by the virtues of the two infusions. So one thing to do: taste both!

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  • Ernst
    Mar 15, 2021 at 12:13

    Bonjour j’ai mélangé 3 cuillères à soupe de thé maté et 2 cuillères à soupe de matcha .dans une théière pendant 7mn.pour enlever l’amertume j’ai infusé avec 4 rondelles fines de citron .C’est excellent. Je bois une théière dans la journée, tous les jours sans sucre.1 le matin à jeun, 1 après manger, 1 à 16h et la dernière à 18h. J’aurais voulu avoir un avis pour savoir si c’est pas de trop par jour.Cela fait plus de 3 mois que je le fait accompagner de mes repas diététique.
    Cordialement. Bonne journée.


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