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How to choose your mate thermos?

Aug 17, 2021

The thermos is one of the essential accessories to enjoy a traditional mate in a calabash. Obviously, it is possible to do without, but carrying your kettle with you is a feat!

To improve your experience, investing in a thermos becomes essential.

But then What is a mate thermos? What are the advantages and particularities of a thermos for mate? How to choose your mate thermos? How much to invest for a quality and durable thermos?


  1. A mate thermos, what is it?
    1. The spout
    2. The carrying handle
  2. Quality mate thermoses
    1. The Termolars
    2. The Stanleys
    3. The Lumilagro
  3. What is the best mate thermos? Verdict!

A mate thermos, what is it?

Having a thermos is the assurance of water kept hot (or cold) for many hours.

One would think that anyone could do the trick. This is partly true, but those specialized for mate have some essential specificities which facilitate the preparation of its infusion . We are going to see what are the essential elements that characterize a mate thermos.

The spout

mate thermos spout

The differences between a mate thermos and a traditional thermos

The spout of a mate thermos is very different from what you usually find.

It has a double stopper action in order to limit the flow and thus aim as accurately as possible and without risking collapsing the well when you replenish your calabash with water.

This pouring spout is an advantage for mate but can quickly become a disadvantage when the thermos is of poor quality, in fact many first-price mate thermoses experience leaks at the pouring spout over time. These leaks also reduce the shelf life of the water temperature.

We will then see the different thermoses that we have selected for their resistance and manufacturing quality!

The carrying handle

Unlike many thermoses, mate thermoses are suitable for transport.

Mate has been culturally anchored in South America for generations, it is commonplace to come across someone accompanied by a whole mate set (mate gourd, mate bombilla, yerba mate and thermos), for this some use a matera ( transport bag).

Quality mate thermoses

Many mate thermoses are available on the net, unfortunately the vast majority of these are made at a lower cost in China and have a very limited lifespan .

In keeping with the values ​​of our company, we once again wanted to turn away from these thermoses to select the cream of mate thermoses for you. We guarantee their robustness and their high quality of manufacture.

The Termolars

termolar thermos mate

A Termolar mate thermos model

Termolar is a Brazilian company specialized in mate thermos since 1958.

The Termolar are the mate thermoses that we wanted to offer you on our online store.

These very high quality thermoses, made in Brazil, are renowned throughout South America for their robustness as well as for their long period of preservation of heat (20h) or cold (36h). As a pledge of the confidence we have in these thermoses, we guarantee them for 5 years!

Many sports fans of mate have also placed their trust in them. You may have noticed several of them with a Termolar attached to their arm!

The main characteristics of Termolar :

    • Hot water conservation: about 20h
    • Conservation of cold water: about 36 hours
    • A2 stainless steel, BPA free
    • Pouring spout with double stopper action special maté
    • Height: 29.4cm
    • Capacity: 1L
    • Price: from 45€

    The Stanleys

    thermos mate

    A Stanley thermos model

    Stanley is also a must in the manufacture of isothermal objects since 1913. This American company specializes in long-term thermal preservation for coffee. They retain heat and cold for around 24 hours.

    This conservation gap comes from the innovation of the brand's inventor: double-wall vacuum insulation.

    The main characteristics of Stanley :

      • Hot water conservation: about 24 hours
      • Conservation of cold water: about 24 hours
      • A2 stainless steel, BPA free
      • Height: 35cm
      • Capacity: 1L
      • Price: from 50€

      The Lumilagro

      Lumilagro is a company specialized in the manufacture of thermos for more than 80 years. This Argentinian company stands out for the design of its insulated bottles as well as their specificity for the consumption of mate, in the same way as Termolar.

      The main characteristics of the Lumilagro :

        • Preservation of hot water: about 12h
        • Conservation of cold water: about 16h
        • A2 stainless steel, BPA free
        • Height: 34cm
        • Capacity: 1L
        • Price: Not found in France

        What is the best mate thermos? Verdict!

        After testing these 3 brands, we can conclude that all three are of great quality .

        Indeed, the thermal insulation is excellent.

        On the other hand, we found some disadvantages encountered during our tests:

          • The Stanley have the particularity of not having a spout specific to mate. This creates a great inconvenience for the pouring of water into the calabash. Managing the flow is impossible and many times we have had the calabash overflow...

          • The Lumilagro do not have a handle. This handle is however very useful for pouring water into the calabash as well as for transport. It is therefore necessary to take the thermos with the whole hand, or even with the help of its second hand, which unfortunately makes this simple task a little more complex.

          • As for Termolar , we were very quickly convinced. The spout is present and effective, as well as the handle, very practical. The long thermal preservation is very effective.

          Through these different tests, we have chosen to select Termolar for you . These thermoses have fulfilled all the essential points on which we were intransigent in order to pursue our mission: to offer you the best of mate .

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