yerba maté menthe sachet biodegradable yvymate
yerba maté menthe bio sachet
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maté menthe sachet bio

Organic Mint Mate - 15 biodegradable sachets

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Yuka rating: 100/100 🟢🌿

Our Organic Mint Mate is perfect for beginners and gently enjoy the benefits of mate .

With a base of Organic Green Maté , organic sweet mint leaves bring a refreshing touch, balanced with a nice natural sweetness . This mate is a real delight!

Our natural bag, without plastic or staple , will express all its flavors infused at a temperature of 80°C for 3 to 5 minutes .

All our Yerba Mate is certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT.

yerba maté menthe sachet biodegradable yvymate

Organic Mint Mate - 15 biodegradable sachets

Regular price 8,30€
Sale price 8,30€ Regular price
sachet mate bio


We have made the decision to use exclusively plant -based sachets.

Both ecological and innovative, these sachets are made from corn starch , a resistant and durable material, while having the advantage of perfectly diffusing the aromas.

Without plastic, paper or staples, it is now possible to drink mate in natural and compostable sachets .

In addition, they are manufactured and packaged in France !

mate grand cru recolte


Cultivated in agroforestry , this method allows the plant to draw its nutrients from the rich and diverse biodiversity of southern Brazil.

From the terroir of São Mateus do Sul, in the south of Paraná, this maté is a great vintage due to its terroir and the greater shade provided by the imposing Araucarias.

As the leaves grow more slowly, the flavors of the yerba mate will concentrate more, to acquire a richer, fruitier and more complex taste.

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In addition to being a great vintage, our maté is grown with respect for the environment and all stakeholders.

Organic for more than 50 years, our leaves are harvested at maturity every two years, to achieve exceptional quality and balance.

Fair , our values push us every day to build a viable model. Beyond offering working and living comfort to all stakeholders in the production chain, concrete actions are implemented on a daily basis to help the development of the region.

Our mate is naturally dried (smokeless).

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Je recommande à 200%

Commande reçue aujourd'hui en relais en moins d une semaine. 5 boîtes de sachets(bio degradables bien sûr !)pour découvrir le plaisir du maté....j ai goûté menthe citron et pêche et j adore !!!! Je recommande à 200%

Goût agréable.

Me fait penser au thé servi en Tunisie ou au Maroc. Très léger avec ce petit goût discret de menthe.

Bonne idée

remplace très bien le thé menthe

Très bon maté

Se maté à l'odeur d'un thé noir marocain. S'étendant le palais est autre, il y a on est fait le gout d un thé noir marocain mais avec plus de légèreté et avec une touche plus tropical et moin lourde.

Jean-Baptiste LEGOUY
Doux et savoureux

Sans amerture