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A personalized mate gourd: It's possible!

Dec 07, 2020

You have probably already seen Griezmann, Messi and others proudly displaying the locker room with a personalized mate calabash and you are surely wondering how they managed to obtain such a calabash?

It's quite simple, they turned to the expertise of our craftsman to provide them with a calabash in their image!


  1. Tailor-made customization
  2. How to personalize your mate calabash?
    1. Inlay of letters, numbers and shapes
    2. Patches and logos
    3. leather work
  3. Manufacturing delays
  4. How to order?

Tailor-made customization

It's new and it's exclusive! Personalizing a mate calabash is now possible thanks to the exclusive know-how of our master craftsman .

With our experience in customizing gourds for great footballers such as Griezmann , Messi , Di Maria and recently Samuel Umtiti , we are now able to offer this service to everyone!

The luxury of a personalized calabash is no longer reserved for footballers or top athletes.

After many months of work to organize the customizations with our partner craftsman, we managed to find an optimal formula to reconcile high quality custom manufacturing with a relatively reasonable waiting time.

We work hand in hand with our partner craftsman in order to achieve your personalization as well as possible. We are fortunate to have entered into an exclusive partnership with one of the best Uruguayan craftsmen . The calabashes produced are of incomparable finesse and quality.

These are unique models, made for you and after you !

Personalization of a mate gourd | YVY Mate

How to personalize your mate calabash?

When we talk about tailor-made, we respect our commitments!

Our craftsman knows how to do everything , and do it well! We have several possible customizations . This list is not exhaustive, if you want another type of customization that is not mentioned below, do not hesitate to let us know.

We will come back to you on the feasibility of your project!

Inlay of letters, numbers and shapes

This is probably the most widespread customization.

You can inlay letters , numbers and/or shapes of your choice on the upper part of your calabash.

customized imperial calabash samuel umtiti

A personalized calabash for Samuel Umtiti

These letters, numbers or shapes are handcrafted in gilded bronze and inlaid on the Alpaca ferrule (upper part of the calabash).

Patches and logos

Personalization on the side of the calabash is also possible. These are often logos or crests that are affixed to it.

personalization calabash mate yvy mate

An imperial model with a logo inlay

The crests and logos are also made of gilded bronze and inlaid on the Alpaca ferrule (lower part of the calabash). This customization is only possible for an imperial calabash.

leather work

It is quite possible to customize the leather. You can choose the color of it but also to embed a shape , a logo or a crest of your choice!

Manufacturing delays

In order to achieve high quality work, our craftsman needs about 1 month to make a calabash in your image. It will then take between 1 and 2 months maximum to receive your little jewels at home!

It will therefore be necessary to wait a little, but the result is worth it ! You can already consult the opinion of customers who have already ordered a personalized calabash

How to order?

To order your personalized calabash , nothing could be simpler!

You can go to the product page and send us your request directly. We will come back to you as soon as possible with a quote adapted to your personalization.

You can also send us an email at: or by message on Instagram or Messenger!

Our teams will study your request and accompany you in order to best identify your project in order to obtain a perfect final result.


  • YVY Maté
    Jan 20, 2022 at 16:10


    Pour toute demande de personnalisation, vous pouvez nous contacter à notre adresse mail :
    On vous guidera dans toutes les étapes afin de réaliser votre calebasse sur mesure ! :)

    À bientôt


  • Noé Gonzales
    Jan 20, 2022 at 11:24

    Je souhaiterais une calebasse avec un personnalisation particulière
    Est-il possible ?


  • franky geeraert
    Dec 09, 2021 at 14:20

    Bonjour je souhaiterais une calebasse personnalisé avec mon mes initiales ?


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