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Mate, what is it?

Sep 30, 2020

At the end of a meal, we always choose between tea and coffee to end it in style.

Sometimes, we can hesitate slightly, but most often, the choice will be limited to these two classic drinks. But you should know that today you have another option, mate , also called mate tea.

This plant comes to us from South America, and includes both caffeine and polyphenols.

But what is mate? What are the different kinds of mate? What are the benefits of mate? How do you drink mate?


  1. What is mate?
    1. History and origin of yerba mate
  2. The different kinds of mate available on the market
  3. The benefits of mate
    1. Yerba mate, an asset for daily well-being
    2. Yerba mate, a slimming asset
    3. Behind the scenes of mate and sport
  4. Modes of consumption of mate
    1. The preparation of mate
    2. The traditional method
    3. More "modern" methods

What is mate?

Mate is a plant that is consumed as an infusion , like tea. It is native to South America and more particularly to Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.

Yerba is generally consumed for its beneficial effects on the whole body and well-being. But it also has some therapeutic virtues .

History and origin of yerba mate

guarani mate

Guaranis and mate

Several years ago, yerba served as the staple food ofthe Guarani peoples .

At the time, the plant was consumed when men were physically preparing to start long walks for hunting, exploitation of the territory as well as for transhumance.

For some peoples, like the Guaranis, the yerba was considered to be a real religion , they also used it as a currency of exchange with other populations.

A few years later, the Spanish conquistadors arrived and discovered this magical plant. Studies were undertaken on the drink, before spreading its consumption to the four corners of the world.

The different kinds of mate available on the market

3 yerba mates

The different types of mate

The yerba is an atypical drink, which can be declined in several versions: green , roasted and refined . The difference lies mainly at the taste level because it is the same leaves at the origin of the three shades.

The benefits of mate

mate benefits

The benefits of mate

Yerba has gained a lot of popularity these days. Like tea and coffee, it tends to become more and more a classic drink. The question is: why consume mate tea?

Yerba mate, an asset for daily well-being

It is advisable to drink this hot drink every day, both in the morning and in the early afternoon . First, this plant helps to optimize the digestive system. The yerba will act internally to lighten the digestion mechanism .

At the same time, its regular consumption also helps sharpen the nervous system. When a person drinks yerba every day, it helps the body fight fatigue more easily , whether physical or mental .

Yerba mate, a slimming asset

The leaves also have several diuretic properties. It will help to lose weight effectively, thanks to its natural appetite suppressant effect .

It also works internally, helping the body regulate cholesterol levels . The bad cholesterol is captured by the yerba, and will then be more easily evacuated.

Behind the scenes of mate and sport

griezmann mate

Antoine Griezmann and his pre-match mate

Increasingly popular among athletes , the South American drink is a real ally for sport. Initially consumed by the South American community such as Cavani, Di Maria or even Messi , the yerba seduces today beyond these borders.

Very appreciated for the energizing virtues before physical effort, but also for its ability to improve the rhythm of muscle recovery , this infusion is part of the pre-match ritual of a certain Antoine Griezmann.

Modes of consumption of mate

Yerba can be consumed throughout the day: in the morning, at noon or in the middle of the afternoon. It is a phytotherapy plant, which stimulates the body and will bring it energy and comfort .

Drinking mate all day involves the ritual of preparing it. Indeed, there are traditional modes and other more modern ones, shared with tea and coffee.

Consuming this hot drink will therefore be more convenient in some cases. The preparation will only depend on your lifestyle and your activities!

The preparation of mate

mate preparation

The preparation of mate

How to prepare your mate? As promised, here are the 5 ways to prepare your mate for tasting.

The traditional method

Also, it will be necessary to gather some essential accessories for the preparation.

You will need a mate calabash , which will serve as a container for your leaves, as well as a mate bombilla , this is a metal straw used to filter the leaves from the water.

Then you will have to fill your calabash with your yerba, add water by tilting your calabash and voila!

For more details, we invite you to watch our preparation tutorial:

The more "modern" methods

You also have several variants, beyond the traditional preparation, more "modern".

Indeed, it is possible to prepare your hot drink with biodegradable sachets , in a tea ball or in a French press coffee maker .

Biodegradable bags are the most practical. All you need is hot water, and let the bag steep for a few minutes.

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