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Top 5 best times to drink mate

Sep 30, 2020

Can you drink mate before sleeping ? Maybe at work ? And when you wake up ?

Here are the questions that we find very often in the YVY community. You are certainly wondering if mate has an impact on your day, your night or even your stress...

The most important question to ask is: When to drink mate?

We have listed, for you, the 5 best times to taste an organic YVY mate.


  1. A mate in the morning
  2. Physical and cerebral stimulant at work
  3. Before and after sports like Griezmann
  4. After lunch for a boost
  5. At bedtime to calm down

A mate in the morning

drink mate in the morning

Have a mate for lunch

And yes, the morning is THE best time to drink mate . Indeed, yerba mate is a natural stimulant thanks to its concentration in mateine. If your mornings are difficult, this hot drink may be the solution.

And we have the yerbas you need! It is the Organic Roasted Mate that replaces black coffee and the Organic Green Mate if you are more of a fan of green tea.

The infusion will help you fight against mental and physical fatigue syndrome throughout the day. To taste it, there are several ways:

  • In a biodegradable bag , ideal for transport and quick consumption.
  • In bulk , for consumption in a mate calabash, tea infuser or French press.

Physical and cerebral stimulant at work

drink mate at work

Take a mate at work

You are not very mate in the morning? Yerba also goes well with work ! It helps to stay focused all day, thanks to its three stimulating xanthines :

  • Mateine , a physical stimulant , in small quantities compared to coffee.
  • Theine , a mental stimulant that helps concentration.
  • Theobromine , the molecule of happiness, also present in cocoa.

In addition, yerba is a very social drink, you can share your infusion with your colleagues! At YVY, we love organic yerba mate breaks !

We recommend the Organic Mate 24 Months Refined in sachets or in bulk , to be consumed all day at the office.

Before and after sports like Griezmann

Mate and Griezmann is a now well-known association. The French professional football player drinks yerba mate every day. As a top athlete , the pressure as well as the requirement are high. The footballer must remain rigorous, concentrated and regular.

For him, the South American drink helps to play football. The hot drink is recognized for better recovery after physical exertion , and helps him stay focused throughout his training and matches.

Unlike coffee, the South American drink does not increase anxiety among consumers. It is therefore easier to stay focused during exercise.

So like Griezmann and hundreds of other professional players, we recommend that you drink yerba mate before and after sport .

He explains his rituals to us in video:

After lunch for a boost

drink a mate after the meal

Take a mate to digest

We often feel tired after a hearty lunch at work or with friends. In fact, with a full stomach, our brain sends a large part of our energy to our digestive organs, around 10% !

Drinking mate after lunch helps digestion and gives a boost for the rest of the day. The active ingredients present in yerba leaves such as vitamins, mateine, iron and magnesium improve alertness and long-term cognitive performance, such as learning , concentration or memorization .

However, we advise you not to drink an infusion of mate leaves before lunch because of its appetite suppressant effect .

Naturally, we particularly recommend the Organic Roasted Mate in sachets or in bulk , which replaces coffee and restores the energy necessary for the day .

At bedtime to calm down

can we drink in the morning at night?

Can mate be drunk in the evening?

Of course, it is possible to drink yerba before going to bed.

Does mate prevent you from sleeping? It depends on each person's caffeine sensitivities.

The concentration of mateine ​​is recognized for its energizing effect, but it is possible to extract part of this molecule to soften its effect.

And now, we reveal one of our secrets kept for years at YVY, to reduce the stimulation capacity of the drink:

  • Moisten the yerba mate with hot water and let it steep for 2 or 3 minutes. This will extract the first molecules of matein.
  • Discard the water . Repeat the first point (no more than 3 times) or start consuming.

Be careful all the same to have the habit of consuming it regularly. It is therefore not recommended to taste yerba mate in the evening for new followers! Like tea or coffee, yerba can keep you up at night .

What could be better than tasting flavored yerba in the evening… We recommend our Organic Lemon Maté in sachets or in bulk , with a drizzle of honey.


  • YVY Maté
    Feb 28, 2022 at 12:29

    Bonjour Sandrine,
    Très heureux que cet article ait pu vous guider et vous en apprendre plus sur le maté ! :)

    Pour répondre à votre question, on conseille de ne pas dépasser 40 à 50g de maté par jour, ce qui équivaut à 2L d’infusion environ :)


  • Sandrine
    Feb 28, 2022 at 12:26

    Merci beaucoup pour votre article qui est très détaillé et permet vraiment de mieux connaître le maté vert j’en consomme depuis peu
    je le prends le matin à jeun est-ce qu’il y a une quantité maximum à consommer par jour ^
    combien cela représente en cuillère à café et en litre d’eau merci beaucoup^


  • YVY Maté
    Apr 06, 2021 at 10:51

    Bonjour Boulic,

    Nous recommandons entre 20 et 30g de yerba maté pour 1,5L. Tout dépend de l’intensité que vous souhaitez retrouver ! :)

    Bon maté !


  • Boulic
    Apr 06, 2021 at 10:45

    Quelle quantité de mate en poudre faut il mettre pour une théière de 1 litre et demi ?


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