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Mate or coffee? The big differences

Sep 28, 2021

Coffee is a drink well anchored in our habits, more than 5kg of coffee are consumed on average each year by the French.

A real vector of social ties, just like mate, coffee is nevertheless losing more and more followers today.

But then what are the reasons to reduce your coffee consumption? Why alternating coffee and maté is ideal for the body? What are the benefits of reducing coffee consumption?


  1. Coffee, your bad everyday ally
  2. Why alternate between coffee and mate
  3. Coffee vs Mate: the comparison of drinks

Coffee, your bad everyday ally

mate or coffee

Mate or coffee?

Its speed of absorption

Coffee is a powerful stimulant.
Each person is more or less sensitive to the molecule. Indeed, caffeine is very quickly synthesized by the body , which can cause tremors, nervousness or even tachycardia.

Conversely, the caffeine in yerba mate is assimilated more slowly by the body, allowing it to gradually get used to the molecule and thus not risk the inconveniences of coffee .

Indeed, the large amount of tannins present in mate can reduce and slow down the effect of caffeine on the body. They are only slightly present in coffee.

Its speed of dilution

In addition to its rapid absorption, the stimulating effects of coffee are diluted very quickly . These may disappear after only 2 hours, leading to a desire to consume another cup of coffee.

It is then a vicious circle that sets in, the more coffee is consumed, the more the body gets used to caffeine, and the more it will take a quantity of coffee to reach the same level of energy.

Necessarily, the greater the number of coffee consumed, the greater the adverse effects.

Once again, mate is one step ahead. Since the caffeine in mate is absorbed more slowly, the energizing effects last longer than coffee . Drinking yerba helps fight fatigue throughout the day (between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.).

Why alternate between coffee and mate

thermos mate coffee

A thermos for coffee or mate

We all bathed in coffee before discovering mate. For some, coffee was a drink not appreciated for its taste, but rather for its effects. For others, on the contrary, for its flavor.

When you want to change your drinking habits, as with everything, it is better not to get frustrated, especially if you appreciate the good taste of coffee. Indeed, it is rather a question of gradually reducing its consumption and the best is all the same to have a substitute: mate .

But then why alternate between coffee and mate?

There are several reasons for this:

  • First, to quit the addiction created by the repeated intake of the same substance. After a few days without coffee, you will feel its effects from the first cup!

  • Secondly, if you are one of those people who appreciate the taste of coffee, the drop in your consumption will automatically direct you to higher quality coffees such as coffees from artisan roasters!
    In the same way, by alternating the two drinks, you can also enjoy great vintage matés present in our selection of yerba maté !

Discovering mate should not be seen as a choice or as an abandonment of one's habits, but rather as something new to integrate into one's daily routine !

Coffee vs Mate: the comparison of drinks

mate or coffee

The differences between coffee and mate

As we have seen through this article, mate and coffee come together on certain points and diverge on others. On several aspects, we could even define yerba as a coffee 2.0 - the advantages without the disadvantages.

More and more coffee lovers are asking us questions about mate in an effort to reduce their coffee consumption. Will the taste of mate please me? Would I have the same energy? How to infuse the plant? That's why we decided to write this article.

For coffee lovers who appreciate its flavor above all, but for whom the disadvantages have become too restrictive, we particularly recommend our roasted mate .

This mate has the particularity, like coffee or cocoa, of having undergone a roasting stage, giving it a taste texture close to that of coffee, while keeping a flavor specific to the South American drink. There are notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee, ideal for inducing a smooth coffee/mate transition .

You will have understood it, each thing is good in its measure.

To avoid the risk of complications following too much coffee consumption, be sure to alternate with a substitute, mate is one of them and is now the best alternative !

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